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'Inclusion is changing the rules of the game so that everyone can 'play' and everyone can 'win' ( benefit )
One of the objectives of SEHS is to provide inclusive education, wherein all students of the school, regardless of their strengths and weaknesses in any area, are a part of the school community. We believe in educating children with special needs in a mainstream school.

We offer inclusive educational placement along a continuum of partial to full general classroom placement depending on the individual need of the student. All children belong to a mainstream class and participate with their mainstream peers in academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities to the maximum extent.

Students with specific learning difficulties are offered support in the Learning Centre for specific curriculum based remediation, for example, in spelling, in reading, in arithmetic and in comprehension. Some students follow an adapted curriculum which is formulated according to their present level of academic functioning. Students with speech difficulty, in language and communication follow an intensive speech therapy programme, whilst those with motor and coordination difficulties are assisted by the physio/developmental therapist.

Friendships between students with special needs and their classmates are encouraged. In all our endeavours, the focus is on the individual child. So we design a child centered program flexible enough to meet each child's academic, socio-emotional and behavioral needs, thereby ensuring the holistic development of the child.

To increase awareness and sensitivity towards the varied needs of some of our students, our special educators conduct sensitization sessions for teachers, parents, students and support staff. The Learning Centre faculty attend workshops to gain more knowledge of prevalent practices in Inclusive Education and to share professional experiences, thus keeping themselves updated in the field of Special Education.
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