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Welcome to the Middle School Section of SARA ENGLISH HIGH School!
Middle school is a critical defining point in the educational career of a student. It serves as a bridge between elementary school and high school and has long-term impact on a student's readiness for future academic challenges.

Curriculum, assessments and instructions are aligned with the standards of the core programme developed by our experienced staff members. We also follow the Cambridge Checkpoint syllabus for English, Math and Science, which culminates in Checkpoint examinations in Grade 8.

At SEHS, we recognize the fact that the middle school years are a time for experimenting with multiple approaches to learning and teaching, community service learning, positive behavior programmes, student-led activities, teacher-led activities, excursions, physical education and the arts.

Since the middle school years can be an emotionally challenging phase for children, we provide an environment which fosters easy and open communication between staff and students. It also encourages creative ways of dealing with conflict. In preparing students for high school, we try to instill a sense of independence and personal responsibility.

Our primary objective is to create a challenging yet supportive learning environment where teachers know every child!

Middle School Coordinator
Meet the Teachers
Subject Grade Teachers
English 6, 7 & 8 Ms. Rajita Menon
Math 6 Ms. Nilofer Ibrahim
  7 Mr. Rahul Sharma
  8 Ms. Krithi Praveen
Biology 6 & 7 Ms. Nilofer Ibrahim
  8 Ms. Pavithra H
Physics 6 Ms. Krithika S
  7 Ms. Krithika S
  8 Ms. Krithi Praveen
Chemistry 6 Ms. Krithika S
  7 Mr. Priya Venkatraman
  8 Ms. Mahesh Kumar
History & Geography 6,7 & 8 Ms. Shrilekha Gururaj
Computers 6, 7 & 8 Ms. Ayesha Ambarin
Second Language    
Hindi 6 & 7 Ms. Anju Juneja
  8 Mr. Rahul Sharma
French 6 & 7 Mr. Akim Cherif
  8 Ms. Vanessa Mathias
Spanish 6 & 7 Mr. Ruben Maiz
  8 Mr. Maxim Lobo
German 8 Mr. Vijay P. Kumar
ESL 6 Ms. Joya Franklin & Mr. Vijay P. Kumar
  7 & 8 Ms. Gayathri Sanjay
Music   Mr. Kevin Wilson
Drama   Ms. Sulochana Harecharan
Dance   Ms. Aranyani Barghav
PE   Mr. Derick Browne, Mr. Rajendran Rajakrishnan, Mr.Ramakrishna J
Art   Mr. Prakash L, Mr. Rudragouda Patil
Home Economics 6, 7 & 8 Ms. Joya Franklin
Curriculum Explained
The Middle School at BIS consists of grades 6 to 8. Though based to an extent on the Cambridge International Secondary Programme as well as the IB MYP programme, the MS curriculum has been developed by BIS staff. The intention was to create a flexible curriculum framework that allowed us to explore myriad ways of inculcating skills and understanding during the course of our students’ creative learning journey. The subjects taught in the Middle School can be divided into 7 subject groups – First Language (English Language, English Literature), Second Language (English, French, Spanish, Hindi, German), Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Science (History, Geography), Computers and Physical Education.

Students are also given access to extra curricular activity classes such as Music, Dance, Drama, Home Economics, Carpentry, 2D Art and 3D Art to further broaden their horizons in preparation for wider subject choices at the High School level. The content in every subject area has been carefully chosen by the staff to ensure that our students are comfortable in any cultural setting whilst being comfortable with their own cultural roots as well. The best international resources are used to deliver the curriculum and the teachers make every attempt to go above and beyond prescribed textbooks. Assessment consists of a comprehensive range of strategies that cater to the different learning styles of our students. Continuous assessments culminate every term with school examinations. In grade 8, students also take the Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations in English, Mathematics and Science.The curriculum is designed and delivered to ensure that our students move on from the Middle School to the High School years as knowledgeable, inquiring, reflective and principled thinkers.
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